The wedding resources in the air are easy to get

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One city, one battalion (air wedding business operator)

We will implement the national matrix organizational structure to expand business and the national unified strategic plan. Give full play to the advantages of China marriage custom culture professional committee, make use of the existing industry channels of Beijing Bingji wedding education and Technology Research Institute and China wedding magazine, and rapidly expand.
1. 30 provincial wedding industry associations and chambers of Commerce signed; [34 provincial administrative regions]
2. 200 prefecture level wedding industry associations and chambers of Commerce signed [334 prefecture level administrative regions]
3. 300 five-star wedding hotels in signed provinces and cities
[368 cities in China; 34 provincial administrative regions; 23 provincial capitals + 5 autonomous regions + 4 municipalities directly under the central government + 2 special administrative regions, 334 prefecture level cities (285 prefecture level cities, 15 regions, 30 autonomous prefectures, 3 leagues, 1 comprehensive experimental region)]
4. 3000 contracted provincial and county related business companies;
[3219 cities: 34 provincial administrative regions + 334 prefecture level administrative regions + 2851 county level administrative regions]


With advanced wedding company management experience and wedding planning
Beijing Fushang Youxi Cultural Industry Co., Ltd. wedding service organization was founded in Beijing on May 17, 2017, was born in Beijing, serving the whole country!
We always adhere to the business philosophy of "gold quality, standardized service", and take the lead in putting forward the wedding suite service mode, which has been popular up to now; we take the lead in setting up the first customer service department in the wedding industry, which monitors every link of the standardized service process in the whole process;
We took the lead in establishing a cooperative relationship with Beijing Bingji wedding Road Education and Technology Research Institute, providing more than 20000 professional talents for the wedding service industry nationwide;
We took the lead in setting up China wedding Research Institute in Hong Kong, and took the initiative to develop new products for the industry;
Beijing Fushang Youxi Cultural Industry Co., Ltd. has been providing wedding services for the first couple since June 2019. It has provided wedding services for more than 500 couples in China. It is a leading brand in Beijing and even in China!
Beijing Fushang Youxi Culture Industry Co., Ltd. has developed from a single enterprise providing wedding service business to a full range of wedding service agencies. The agency business covers: wedding planning, banquet design, wedding dress, microfilm, flower design, lighting design, host team, wedding supplies, motorcade, follow-up, video, makeup, wedding training.
Beijing Fushang Youxi Culture Industry Co., Ltd. is committed to building the most powerful "one-stop wedding service organization" in the wedding industry to meet the needs of China's air wedding development.

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